Work It Out

Managing a conflict at work can take every ounce of your patience. Stress reduction now takes a front seat, and the danger of a stroke is so close to home that you are checking your pulse every hour and considering purchasing one of those machines that check your blood pressure to add to your cubicle. 

The challenges abound: what is this going to do to your reputation at work? Are there Industry-wide repercussions? How will you ever work with the other person again if you bring HR into it? The impact on your sleep and your health can no longer be ignored. Now it's starting to reflect on your work and productivity. Maybe co-workers are starting to take sides. Could it impact your chances at that promotion? You are so distracted on Sunday as you contemplate the horrors that Monday surely brings, you struggle to enjoy the limited time you have with your family.

You are not alone, although it may feel quite the opposite. From unhealthy competitive strategies gone haywire, to conflicting values and personality types, to outright harrassment, slander and bullying, the landmines at work can pop off at any time and for the most trivial of reasons. When they do, having a strategy in place for taking care of your health and your peace of mind, as well as protecting your job is more important than ever before.

Understanding the value of paper trails, cultivating supportive networks, familiarizing yourself with appropriate plans of action BEFORE you need it can make a big difference. This is where the real value of that Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation practice comes into play. Attempting to begin a contemplative practice when there is a major storm surrounding you will likely prove much more difficult. It will also be totally worth it.

Ride out the storm with skill, support, confidence and grace.