The summer is upon us! Staying cool in hot spots is a skill I will be building this season! Finding a way to my meditation cushion, attempting to strike the balance between the boiling action of these manic months of running, going out, celebrating the sun, and that cool headed calm, deep breathing and peaceful centeredness… finding a way.

Prioritizing wellness is having its moment, don’t you think? I think it’s great, and strange that it’s a media movement. Self-care should be taught in kindergarten. Being well and centered in the self sets the tone for all that follows: your education, relationships, career, success; your ability to know joy.

The work of mediation can be about bringing balance as well. Do your hackles raise whenever they walk into the room? Those hackles are attached to hormones and can throw your system into chaos, affecting your health and well being. Maybe it’s time to talk about it. On the one hand, the conversation will be difficult at first, and where will you find the hope that things can get better? On the other hand, think about the downside of not doing anything, and how that is also a choice against the equilibrium that a healthy body and mind can flourish in.

It’s a lot like carrying a heavy weight. At first, it seems manageable. We tell ourselves it’s not that bad and that other people have it even more worse. This is just our cross to bear. And then we get used to it, and it becomes like a part of us, our story, our body. Dropping the stories and burdens that no longer serve our goals and vision we have for our lives can release a tremendous amount of energy.

Who knows? Maybe you can fly.

Wishing you the best for this sweet sweltering season. Soak up the sun!