Can we find ourselves waking up to the present moment, in a moment like this: fresh Spring air, new buds, birds singing, blades of grass vibrating with the pitch of opening to a green unlike anything you have ever seen? It’s a great time to start a new story, about who we are and why we live the way we do. You know it’s the stories we tell ourselves over and over again that become the mega-hits, the superstars.

It is the decisions that shape our steps along the way. It’s also whatever that place of high energy or intention is for you. What are you working on?

I’m working on my garden, through an agent of growth and Earth (thanks Sookie!) and my writing, and my acting. It’s a liberating and fun creative act, being a character who is so like and unlike me. When stress begins its descent into my bowels, channeling energy into a joyous and pleasurable direction shifts the balance of stress on my health and heals my connection to my center.

It’s the same in my mediation practice. When we come together in an act of hope; in an act of present and future focus, we shift the balance of energy, from dysfunction and dissatisfaction about what happened, to one of construction and regeneration. And a river of energy flows forward. As Julia Cameron in ‘The Artist’s Way’ says, “Life is energy; pure creative energy.”

In the garden we are finding that even the saddest-looking stick plant will shoot up new leaves when given some time, attention and care. Sookie says this one plant that looks like a bunch of twigs sticking out of the ground is actually fixing to bloom big in summer. Hibiscus, she says. We’ll see!

Spring is a season telling us all to begin now. Don’t wait for another time to start flowing with your intentions. It’s a perfect time to say the word, make the change, buy the tools, get it, give it. I haven’t been much of a cheerleader for Spring in the past. I’m much more of an Autumnal type. But in 2019, I gotta say Spring is the thing. Get out there.