It has been said that a relationship is like a shark. The beast has to keep moving forward or it dies. Well, that is true I think for not just relationships! Movement and growth keeps things vital. In working with couples and groups this year, the focus has been on moving ahead, letting the past go and crafting new schemes to grow into new forms. It hasn't been easy, but it has been compelling and encouraging work.

The year is rolling along at a clip! Summer is barreling down and my projects are beginning to stack up. Taking a break to catch my breath has been helpful, as I move ahead even faster than before. There seems to be less time to reflect on the past, hold on to grudges, ruminate on things, and so I have been saying things out loud more! Moving away from holding in my thoughts, this year I am being bolder and sharing difficult ideas that are not fully fleshed out in my mind. The reception on this has not been 100% great. I wouldn't say I'm burning bridges, but I am having to find other routes to get to my destination. Waze? Well, being blunt has not been my style so I am learning how to share my fledgling thoughts and come to collective understandings, trusting in that process more.

Through these changes I am holding my close friends even closer. I have to remember that if I make a mistake, if I say something that doesn't come out smooth and polished, that my friends will help me craft a more clear, deeper and better understanding with me. This will not only make for a better idea but a closer relationship. Creating art together can make our relationship stronger, and I am willing to take the chance with people I love.

So, I'm moving away from holding such tight control on what I think is right, and trusting that together, a better, more relevant and succulent truth will emerge. This is what I practice in mediation. Time to apply it to my own life.