In Laws

It is a great thing to build relationship with people intentionally, not of blood relation but because someone you do have blood relation with likes or loves someone. So that person becomes your family - in law. How do you navigate those relationships? How do you construct them and take care of them? Like blood family, they are likely to be in your life indefinitely due to a child in common or some other tie.

I hope to get better at talking to and sharing relationships with my In laws. I don't know mine very well, or not as well as I would like, and the priority always tends to be elsewhere. Friends, other lovers, projects, home, etc. Time for some intention setting around building my in law ships.

When you think of your in laws, what are the key themes in those relationships? What do they have in common and how do they fit in your lives? How do they challenge you the most? 

Holidays seem like the worst time to attempt to deepen your relationships with in laws, and these are the only times I find myself with the opportunity. I have recently found that it is important to make these relationships more of priority. Like any neglected thing, they have the potential to damage things close by.

Take care of your relations, and the relations attached to your relations. Pay attention and don't turn away from the hard talks.