Mediation is a structured process in which we work together to clarify goals, strategize and brainstorm solutions and lay the groundwork for the creation of informed and consensual agreements. It is creative work; surprising and practical, difficult and rewarding. Through active listening, open dialogue and collaboration, we seek to bridge gaps in understanding and build lasting change.

As a mediator, I am not interested in judging who is right or wrong in a conflict, or in laying blame. My goal as mediator is to allow all those involved a chance to be heard; to provide the space for participants to develop new approaches and unique ideas; to help clarify issues in order to more deeply explore options and collaborate. During your initial consulation, we will discuss and tailor the process to meet your needs.

“If we take a deep breath and listen with an open heart, we’ll find ourselves able to handle conflict more effectively - to calm the waters, so to speak, and resolve our differences in such a manner that everyone is satisfied and no one ends up as the winner or the loser.”
— Mingyur Rinpoche