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Carmen White, prinicpal mediator

I have been an active mediator in the Bay Area since 2009. I am inspired by so many people working in and around the field of mediation: those in dispute, teachers, students and committed mediators alike. The resilience, tenacity and dedication of my community keeps me falling in love with this work. I learn more every day about how mediation and conflict management strategies can facilitate more functional and effective relationships. 

I am dedicated to providing a forum for those looking to flourish far beyond mere relationship survival. I work to create space for discovery, remaking connections, and opening to new ways of communicating in the world.

I have been very fortunate to have trained with some of the most creative teachers and students from a variety of fields in facilitation, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and conflict management. This is the work that keeps me engaged in the world, and hopeful about our potential for moving forward. 

Active and creative collaboration; transforming brave hope into real change, and developing a lasting progress: this is work we can accomplish together.